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Tales of Lahan Series

The Tales of Lahan Series is a progressing five-book series, all set in the same fantasy world. These books should be read in this order:



In the Eye of the Crow

As a princess, she was a bridge. As a queen, she's a hammer.


With her marriage mending the ancient divide between Elves and Humans, Nara Crawforde knows a thing or two about political prowess. From the moment the queen’s crown touched her head, Nara learned she had to be willing to sacrifice everything for the good of her kingdom.

Now, unrest is brewing in Lahan. Despite her uncle's claim that the enemy lies in the rival land of Grunid, Nara fears the real threat lurks within her own family.

When her eldest daughter, Princess Aela, disappears from her chambers, Nara struggles to hold onto her inheritance as traitors step out of the shadows and reveal themselves as some of her closest allies.


The Plight of the Isle

Where slaves are kings and kings are slaves.

Amidst the towering mountains of Tairia, Haven has sought refuge with a mysterious guardian for a year, but destiny beckons her to reclaim her family's stolen legacy. Time is slipping away, and her path leads her to the enigmatic Yellow Isle, where the secrets of the desert lands unfurl before her and Prince Felaern.

On the Mainland, Vaeril grapples with newfound powers, while Aela is thrust into a world of treacherous politics, entangled in the machinations of ambitious lords. Bardia, bound by a fateful pact with King Venali of Ivaran, faces encroaching enemies from every direction.

As danger looms, Cyril rises to protect those he loves in Lahan and ascends to a position of new authority, conflicted between subduing his king and pleasing the people he's been given to rule over.

Where alliances shift like shadows and betrayal lurks at every turn, the journey of intertwined fates ignites a captivating tale of courage, sacrifice, and the unyielding pursuit of destiny.

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Coming July 1 2024...


The Songs of Sorrow

Mild dawns crumble to bitter dusks.

In the woodland realm of Silvrout, Cyril battles to safeguard his family while Celia clings desperately to a fading love.

Far away on the Yellow Isle, Magni Kerr grapples with seismic changes in his mining camp, while Venali Heiren, who has traversed the treacherous Sand Sea and experienced a world unknown, now tenaciously forges his path amidst the mysteries of a powerful new realm.

Amidst it all, Aela finds herself entangled in the web of grief as the haunting call of destiny tugs at her from every direction.

Haven faces the imposing might of her father's power, embarking on a perilous expedition alongside a group of freedmen. Together, they traverse the Mainland's perils, meticulously planning an infiltration into Lahan.

In this riveting third instalment, their relentless pursuit of deepest desires exacts a heavy toll, as losses are suffered and sacrifices made in an unwavering quest to claim that which is held dear.


The Unyielding

Across the Sand Sea, a storm is brewing.

More to come...



The Shielded Place

The threads of fate entwine, sealing the final chapter.

More to come...

From the Tales of Lahan Universe:

Blood of Bears

More to come...

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